Carpathian Klezmer
Di Naye Kapelye goes 50ies-socialism? Well, this isn’t positively a CD featuring the uprising towards a communist society.

After a lot of hunting the indefatigable fieldworker Bob Cohen researched a socialist build-up song in yiddish - the scrumptious “Traktorist”, praising not only the traktor itself and the five-year plan performance, but also, if not to say mainly, the bigger chances of a tractor driver to hit on the girls.

Again, Di Naye Kapelye reaffirms her outstanding role regarding Jewish music from the Carpathian Basin - authentic, rough and tender, danceable and soaked with a deep and true love for the heritage that’s treasured by these passioned musicians ever since we can remember. Affectionate and high percentage.


1. Nit Bay Motyen (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 3:12
2. Traktorist (Trad./lyrics by Emil Saculets, arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 2:07
3. Pastekh / Moldavian Caval (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 5:55
4. Schwartz's Sirba / A Briv Fun Yisroel (Trad./lyrics by I.Schwartzmann, arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 2:53
5. Baj Van Medley (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 2:51
6. Az Nisht Keyn Emine (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 4:58
7. Hamanul from Dragomiresti (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 2:22
8. Uncle Arpi's Nokh a Bisl (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 1:49
9. HoAderes (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 3:05
10. Sadegurer Hosid (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 1:41
11. Hutsul Medley (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 3:51
12. Mashke (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 5:47
13. Pirim (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 2:50
14. Moldvai Zhok (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 2:38
15. “7:40” (Trad. arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 4:02
16. Chernobyl (Trad./lyrics by Michael Alpert, arr. Cohen/ Técsö) 3:29

total time 53:30


Bob Cohen – violin, vocals, koboz, Carpathian drum, vioara cu goarna (Stroh fiddle), cimpoi (Moldavian bagpipe)
Yankl Falk – vocals, clarinet
Antal (Puma) Fekete – kontra, Carpathian drum
Gyula (Kosztya) Kozma – bass
Ferenc Pribojszki – cimbalom, caval, Carpathian drum

Special guests:
Michael Alpert
(vocals, violin, percussion) – 3, 4, 6, 12
Aron Cohen
(vocals) – 6
Josh Dolgin
(accordion, piano) – 4, 10
The village band from Tjaciv (Técsö), Carpatho-Ukraine – 5, 11, 15, 16: Joska Csernavec (bayan accordion), Misu Csernavec (tsymbaly), Jura Csernavec (drum, plonka, voice), Ivan Popovics (violin)
Tom Popper and Imre “Kutyuli” Keszthelyi (chorus vocals) – 12

Produced by Jack Falk

Recorded in Budapest, November 2005 and June 2006.

Release date November 3, 2008

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