Can Russian music be easygoing, swinging, just right for chilling out in summer? While every fairly experienced music lover would impulsively deny, ODESSA EXPRESS proves us wrong.

RUSSANOVA is the first release of the Russian-German ensemble. Jazzy Bossa Nova rythms accompanied by Russian and German lyrics create a laid-back atmosphere of Berlin summer (the final track “Winter Bossa” is a contrast, not a contradiction!). Some of the tracks recollect the vintage Russian love, Paris, in an almost melancholy mood, while others just deal with everyday topics.

Despite the inconsistent components of their music, ODESSA EXPRESS create something consistent that is relaxing and jiving at the same time, that feels good and make you feel good right here and now. RUSSANOVA - a nonchalant love declaration to Berlin and its cultural diversity.


1. Unser Restaurant 4:08
2. Sommer 3:31

3. Latte Macchiato auf dem Dach 4:10
4. Poltava 3:34
5. Paris 4:13
6. Bossa Nova, Liebe und Wein 3:25
7. Herbst Tango 4:23
8. Meer 3:21
9. Berlin, sei nicht cool 3:24
10. Auf dem Weg 4:04

11. Abschied von Paris 3:59
12. Herbstlied 3:26
13. Besancon 5:33
14. Mein eigenes Lied 3:30

15. Winter Bossa 4:09


Total time 54:29


Gennadij Desatnik - vocals, guitar

Valeriy Khoryshman - accordion

Valerij Pysarenko - contrabass

Oli Bott - vibraphone, percussion

Leonid Grudin - flute

Semjon Barlas - trumpet, flugelhorn

Evgenij Galkin - drums


Maxim Warschawsky - saxophone (3, 14), Gerald Maier - bass trumpet (15)

Alle Tracks composed and arranged by Gennadij Desatnik.

Lyrics by Gennadij Desatnik except 3, 9 and 14 by Karsten Troyke, 11 by Wladimir Majakowski.

(c) 2012 Gennadij Desatnik

Released: June 1, 2012




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