Pushkin Klezmer Band is a Jewish wedding party orchestra from Kiev. Experimenting with folklore, Pushkin continues the traditions of klezmorim, as professional musicians were called in Yiddish. Once upon a time, Jewish wedding guests danced to their tunes in Ukraine and Bessarabia. There was so much joy and dancing spirit in klezmer music that it survived the Holocaust and assimilation. Now it wants to sing again in full voice.

Pushkin Klezmer Band appeared in Kiev in 2010 out of thin air, playing music that had been dissolved into the atmosphere for many long years condensed into sound. Since then, Pushkin has performed non-stop, for babushkas of the intelligentsia and for hipsters, in synagogues, clubs and festivals, and at weddings, of course.

Klezmer Uber Alles is the group’s first album and the first Jewish album to be recorded in Ukraine in many years. It includes traditional Jewish melodies and songs born of that tradition. But these are no museum exhibits. In the hands of young klezmorim, old-fashioned themes become part of contemporary jazz and world music. Skipping lightly between genres, Pushkin finds its own sweet style. The record you hold in your hands is only the first step. Or rather, the first dance after a long silence. So hurry up and let it spin! Mazel Tov!


1. Ne Zhuritsia Hloptsi 3:18
2. Ternovka 4:03
3. Bros! 3:04
4. Tsibeles 5:56
5. Trombone Taksim 3:30
6. Hotsa Mama 2:54
7. Monastyrishe 3:01
8. Kiev Bulgar 3:31
9. Limonchiki 3:31
10. Trisker 3:08
11. Yamchi Ramchi 3:56

Total Time: 39:58



Mitya Gerasimov: Clarinet, Voice
Oleksiy "Sayid" Sagitov: Trombone
Igor Sidash: Keyboards
Dmitry Kovalenko: Guitar
Kristina Kirik: Double Bass
Roman Yakovchuk: Drums

Shevket Zmorka: Accordion (6)
Sergiu Babuci: Accordion (7)


produced by Mitya Gerasimov
all music arranged by Pushkin Klezmer Band
all tracks are traditional except "Kiev Bulgar" (Gerasimov) and "Trombone Taksim" (Sagitov)
recorded by Igor Prigorovsky and Denis Yambor at "Zvukoceh" (Dovzhenko Film Studios), Kyiv 2015
Mixing and Mastering: Igor Prigorovsky at Boutique888 Studio, Kyiv 2015

Release date: February 1st, 2016

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