sie gra. memories of the stone1Memories of the Stone

We were seeking the perfect space for our music. Or actually maybe for our impressions, our ideas of it, our yearns . Over the years of listening to it and playing it we wanted to find the right place for it, where it would flourish and sound just right. ... And we found it. A stone synagogue built three hundred years ago in the town of Wlodawa.

For centuries a shtetl in the very middle of the blooming Yiddishland, a hometown of Jews, Poles and Ruthenians. The place where Tartars, Byzanine traders and western artisans stopped and lingered... Today Włodawa is a small town at the edge of the EU, where the borders of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine meet and nobody remembers the sounds of the streets, houses and temples. But it is enough to put your ear to the stones of the synagogue and ask them to reveal their memories. This is how they sound. We hope that also you, listening to our work, feel the enchanting atmosphere of this unforgettable place. Just close your eyes and listen to the music. SieGra...


1. Lower East Side
2. Ne Klepeci
3. C B As G
4. Mach
5. Paw
6. Tristan
7. Bartka
8. Hard Face
9. Spij Kubusiu (Sleep little Jakub)
10. Dospatsko Horo
11. Tarara
12. Krzyzacy
13. Papiren
14. Dla Mamy
15. Saposzkele
16. Tango
17. Dusza (Slavic Soul)
18. Bucimis
19. Nign

Total Time: 77:36


Jarek Adamów: clarinet, sopilka, kaval, darabuka, vocal

Bartlomiej Stanczyk: accordion, kapsluwa krzczonowska, vocal

Robert Brzozowski: double bass, vocal


feat. Marcello Babazadeh on violin in Tristan


Recorded in the XVII century synagogue in Wlodawa

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