Karsten Troyke is a singer, speaker, actor, and songwriter with a strangely husky voice. He is well-known at home and abroad above all for his rendering of Yidish songs. On his more recent tours he has included chansons by Georg Kreisler, Hermann Leopoldi and others. He has participated in radio plays, worked as Voice for advertising and synchronisation and acted in very varying stage plays. As an ambassador of Yiddish song art he went to many countries as such as Poland, France, Norway, Belgium, Danmark, Sweden, Croatia, Israel, USA and more...

As a singer, his album Yiddish Anders (1992) received the award of German record critics. Jidische Vergessene Lieder (1997) contained previously unpublished songs of Sara Bialas Tenenberg, who became his mentor for the Yiddish language.

In his performances Troyke often works with Bettina Wegner, Suzanna and Trio Scho. His interpretations of the songs of Georg Kreisler received mention in the writer/musician's 2005 biography. In 2006 two documentaries, “Yiddish Soul” and “Concert Yiddish Soul”, featured Troyke and other performers of Yiddish music.

Encouraged by the Oriente Label, he dedicates himself since 2006 to Yiddish Tango – researching, writing, arranging, recording and touring. Results of this dedication are two CDs with tangos, milongas and waltzes sung in Yiddish, released by Oriente Musik in 2006 and 2012.

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