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Detroit-born, Hamburg-based troubadour and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Kahn and New Yorker master fiddler Jake Shulman-Ment have been playing and traveling together for nearly twenty years. Having worked in so many bands and projects (including The Painted Bird and Brothers Nazaroff), they have finally joined up to record an true analog duo record: The Building & Other Songs. It is, as Kahn says, "the most personal and intimate selection of songs I've ever recorded. And with Jake, it was like recording it with a brother."

In the 35 years of their career, KROKE have always preserved their irrepressible desire to make music. Their new album LOUD SILENCE proves it: familiar sounds, new things flow in, meditative alternates with dance-like, all held together by the fascinating ability of these three musicians to find and invent melodies and to inspire each other again and again to improvisational flights of fancy.

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Word Beggar is the first album that Daniel recorded completely by himself. Musically it moves between folk, jazz and klezmer. It consists of adaptations and settings of songs and texts by Georges Brassens, Kadye Molodovsky, Mordechai Gebirtig, Kurt Tucholsky, Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman and Aaron Zeitlin. Among them are his Yiddish versions of Bob Dylan songs and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

AM060The Unternationale
Daniel Kahn's and Psoy Korolenko's ideologically terroristic Unternationale has become a classic in modern yiddish song. Old pieces from the yiddish world are being translated into English and Russian, taken to pieces and reassembled in contemporary cultural and political contexts.

AM061The Unternationale
The third release from The Unternationale - The Fourth Unternational - dialectical klezmer cabaret feat Polyglot Punk Poet Daniel Kahn and Avant-Bard Psoy Korolenko.

On his new album BULAT BLUES Daniel Kahn devotes himself to the "Georges Brassens of the Soviet Union", Bulat Okudzhava, in new, own adaptations in English and a touch of Russian. Daniel Kahn is accompanied by the virtuoso Moscow musician Vanya Zhuk on the Russian 7-string guitar.

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Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird live up for their name as "radical Yiddish borderland bandistas with punk attitude” with their new album The Butcher's Share, the first in five long years. It is the most powerful and complex work of the band so far and is dedicated to the great political and personal themes of our time. Kahn's revolutionary songs for the Apocalypse are like a declaration of war to the present.



A Compendium of Klezmer-Punk Strategies Against Despair

Singer/songwriter/accordionist/novelist Geoff Berner’s music combines klezmer (for the uninitiated, the folk music of Eastern European Jews), punk, political satire and Balkan dance rhythms. He writes sharp, literate songs that can make you want to weep, laugh, grind your teeth, or kick out a window. Often all at the same time.

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Would there be a colour attached to each album, this one's would be dark grey with little light grey sprinkles in it. And probably a tiny red one, like the painted Bird on the cover.

"Bad Old Songs", Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird's new album is a dark and more intimate follow-up to their award-winning "Lost Causes" (2011, Oriente Musik).


Finally in the audiophile Vinyl version:

the triumphant Kroke CDThe Sounds Of The Vanishing World, awarded with the German Phonogram Critics Award in 2000, as a 180 grs audiophile LP.

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