The duo known as PURO APRONTE was born in the summer of 1997 from the idea of realising the diversity and intensity of a tango orchestra with just four hands.

Publication of its first CD "Cuatro manos con el Tango" has already met with a great response both at home and abroad and led to numerous appearances at dance events and concerts throughout Europe. At the end of 2000 a new phase of work began which finds expression in the CD "Confesión Tanguera".


1. El Pollo Ricardo (A.L.Fernandez) 2:58
2. Sentimiento Gaucho (F.Canaro) 2:58
3. Si Soy Así (F.Lomuto) 2:57
4. El Lloron (A.Raddrizani) 1:59
5. La Revancha (P.Laurenz) 2:55
6. El Aeroplano (P.Datta) 2:28
7. Chiqué (R.L.Brignolo) 3:31
8. Orgullo Criollo (P.Laurenz) 3:16
9. Che Papusa Oí (J.de Dios Filiberto) 3:07
10. Patotero Sentimental (M.Jovés) 3:11
11. De Vuelta Y Media (M.Barbieri) 2:44
12. El Choclo (A.Villoldo) 3:11
13. Sonar Y Nada Mas (F.Canaro) 2:26
Total Time: 38:10


Produced by Puro Apronte
Recorded in July 2001 by Gerd Bluhm, Beat Studio Berlin
released 23/10/2002

Puro Apronte:

Peter Reil, bandoneon; Robert Schmidt, piano

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