AM060The Unternationale
Daniel Kahn's and Psoy Korolenko's ideologically terroristic Unternationale has become a classic in modern yiddish song. Old pieces from the yiddish world are being translated into English and Russian, taken to pieces and reassembled in contemporary cultural and political contexts.

The result? A record full of -isms: social-, zion-, antizion-, satan-, modern-, commun-, chassid-, alcohol-. Sung, rapped and shouted. A record that backs up its political messages with one thing foremost: loads of fun. And dancing mood.

Side A
1. Together Alone 02:14
2. Vi Heylik Iz Di Natur 04:29
3. Dos Naye Rusland 03:36
4. Rokhele 04:25

Side B
1. Marsh Pionierov (Lenin!) 04:39
2. Kloglid far Leyb Bronshteyn 01:00
3. L'chayim Stalin 02:01
4. Shlof Mayn Kind 00:55
5. Blues for Leon Trotsky / Lev Davidovich 01:02
6. Sakharov Gardens 01:58
7. Moskve (Moskau) 03:59
8. When a Cosmonaut Cries 02:45

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Daniel Kahn - vocals, accordion, grand piano, ukulele, harmonica
Psoy Korolenko - vocals, synthesizer

Produziert von Victor Levin

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