For some time, the name of Peter Ludwig stands for outstanding interpretations and compositions in the field of Tango music. 3 previous CDs released by ORIENTE Musik (Trio Obscur: "éclairage intime", RIENCD32, and "Tango Metropol", RIENCD46; Tango Immortale: "Lisboa", RIENCD49) are the convincing proof. Moreover, he gained a name for his work as a composer and arranger of stage and screen music. His new CD is probably his most private work and gives evidence of the relation between a great solo performer and his instrument.

About "Dahin geträumt"("Dreamed along") and Improvisation from the Inside

Sometimes little fleeting moments give you the comforting feeling that what you previously thought was impossible now lies suddenly within your grasp. In the morning, after laying the little white oval table and pouring tea, I cross my legs and unintentionally but unavoidably my leg catches the table, causing the tea to slop out of the cups because the table's wobbly. Trying to adjust it now would only make matters worse. Then my wife usually says "Oh my husband!" and her voice is tender and resigned. But one day the table didn't wobble. In the course of the previous day's use its legs had managed to find by themselves the one single position that gave it stability. The ideal position in the context of all its possibilities.


Nocturne 1001 - Nocturne 1024

Total Time: 62:52


Peter Ludwig, Bechstein grand piano
Composer: Peter Ludwig
Recorded in September 2004
Recorded, mixed and edited by Peter Ludwig
Mastering: Thomas Bogenberger
Release Date: October 20th, 2005

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