My name is Hugo Aisemberg. I was born in Buenos Aires sixty years ago....

Since 1971 I live in Italy. From childhood I started taking piano lessons, but my classical education didn't allow me to concern myself thoroughly with tango music. In 1965 I finally decided to tear down that absurd barrier und started to publicly perform both classical music and works of Astor Piazzolla. Back then I wouldn't have dreamt of recording a CD completely devoted to the tango. This kind of music has always been fascinating me, and all along I was having a feeling that it definitely was a part of my artistic life. I believe that the tango an everything it presents finally has made its arrival in global culture. I don't think that tango is a music that should be restricted to its traditional places - it just as well fits into our concert halls. That's the reason I always pursued this line of music very purposeful, without ever coming to a standstill. But most of all I listened to the great tango masters of the Forties: Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos Di Sarli, Miguel Caló, Osvaldo Fresedo, Horacio Salgán, Enrique Mario Francini, Astor Piazzolla, Alfredo Gobbi, Ricardo Tanturi, Armando Pontier and many others. Living in Italy allowed me to dedicate myself to this music without conflicts. I could perform it everywhere and thus make it accessible to very many young instrumentalists. I am convinced they'll follow the path that I have cleared. The CD in hand is the result of more than 30 years of thorough, respectful and passionate work, and I am very happy that it could be accomplished.

Hugo Aisemberg


1. Astor Piazzolla: BUENOS AIRES HORA CERO (1963) Tango 4:03
2. Astor Piazzolla: MILONGA DEL ANGEL (1965) Milonga 3:58
3. Astor Piazzolla: MUERTE DEL ANGEL (1965) Tango 1:57
4. Julian Plaza: NOSTALGICO (1962) Tango 3:55
5. Emilio Balcarce: LA BORDONA (1958) Tango 3:22
6. Anibal Troilo: ROMANCE DE BARRIO (1947) Valse 2:38
7. Astor Piazzolla: PICASSO (1955) Tango 4:06
8. Astor Piazzolla: MARRON Y AZUL (1955) Tango 3:13
9. Astor Piazzolla: S.V.P. (1955) Tango 3:08
10. Horacio Salgàn: A FUEGO LENTO (1950) Tango 2:36
11. Horacio Salgàn: DON AGUSTIN BARDI (1947) Tango 3:15
12. Horacio Salgàn: GRILLITO (1950) Tango 2:46
13. Astor Piazzolla: ROMANZA DEL DUENDE (1968) Tango-Romanze 5:05
14. Astor Piazzolla: RETRATO DE ALFREDO GOBBI (1967) Tango 4:10
15. Alfredo Gobbi CAMANDULAJE (1954) Tango 3:16
16. Enrique Pedro Delfino: GRISETA (1924) Tango-Romanze 3:18

Total Time: 55:30



Hugo Aisemberg, Piano

Recorded March 1998 in Berlin

Date of release: 10/08/98

20-page-booklet in Italian, French and German

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