In Berlin (1996) seven musicians from the different worlds ("dos mundos") of Latin America and Europe and all from completely different backgrounds joined forces.

Mariachi dos Mundos define the appealing sounds of the Mexican Mariachi in a new way. They play the happy familiar themes of Mexican music side by side with the sounds of melancholy boleros, swinging cumbias and laid-back Cuban son, using classical string arrangements along with wild interludes from the brass section. On their 3rd CD with ORIENTE they improve their fascinating mixture of dance rhythms and musical virtuosity with just a pinch of self-irony.
Still taking traditional songs as their starting point, these musicians constantly extend their musical repertoire with their own compositions and with new arrangements of Latin classics like Perfidia and Samba pa ti.

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1. Rumba Escondida (Eduardo Cavour) - Rumba 3:29
2. Guitarrón Corazón de Melón (Ruben Galvez) - Reggae 5:02
3. De luna a luna (Eduardo Cavour) - Bolero 4:54
4. Ya no puedo vivir (Gabriel Morales) - Rumba/Guajira 5:23
5. Cuando vuelva a tu lado (Maria Grever) - Bolero 4:20
6. Mil Horas (Andres Calamaro) - Cumbia 5:06
7. Suenos y fantasias (Ruben Galvez) - Rumba/Samba 4:24
8. Amor a la Latina (Eduardo Cavour) - Guajira 5:09
9. Su final (Gabriel Morales) - Bolero 4:48
10. Los 7 Mariachi (Lutz Emil Wolf) - Rumba/Cumbia 2:58
11. Carino sincero (Gabriel Morales) - Bolero/Son 5:46
12. Perfidia (Alberto Dominguez) - Bolero 3:32
13. Samba pa ti (Carlos Santana) - Bolero/Samba 5:30
Total Time: 63:00



Gabriel Morales: Voice, Vihuela
Eduardo Cavour: Voice, Guitar, Percussion
Ruben Galvez: Voice, Guitarrón, Guitar - Solos in Nr. 5/7/10
Johnny Bautista: Voice, Guitar, Percussion Rap - Solo in Nr.2,Tiple - Solo in Nr.8
Lutz Wolf: Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Solos in Nr. 5/6/10/13
Arne Lagemann: Trumpet, Flügelhorn
Stephan Parnow: Violin
Jansen Folkers: Violin, Oktav-Violin , Solos in Nr. 5/13
Guest musicians:
Bassam Abdul -Salam: Shaker, Congas in Nr.2/6
Carlos Labanda: Piano in Nr.8
Produced by Mariachi dos Mundos
Recording + Mix: Beat Studio Berlin, Gerd Bluhm, 2002 - 2005
Mastering: Thomas Stiehler -Stokinger Mastering
Release date: October 16th, 2006

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