"Ten pieces to save the world" - what the hell make three musicians from Cracow and their record company believe that they will save the world with their music?

The ancient greeks had a good word for that: HYBRIS - boldness does not contain the same real and implied meaning. What Prometheus did was hybris: challenging the Gods.

To be honest: we are not sure to get through with it. But we are very sure that it's worth to try. Because deep in our hearts we know that if anything could save this world it's music.

However, this CD may not save the world - but it will make the world a bit better for those who are ready to listen with an open heart.


1. Sun (Kukurba) 6:06
2. Desert (Kukurba/Bawol/Lato) 5:33
3. Childhood (Bawol) 3:28
4. Cave (Kukurba/Bawol/Grela/Lato) 6:32
5. Usual happiness (Kukurba) 5:45
6. Take it easy (Kukurba/Lato/Bawol/Grela) 5:35
7. Mountains (Bawol/Kukurba/Grela) 4:53
8. Dream (Lato) 2:59
9. Light in the darkness - T4.2 (Kukurba/Bawol/Lato/Grela) 6:58
10. Hope (Kukurba) 3:14
Total Time: 51:28



Produced by Kroke & Dariusz Grela
All tracks arranged by Kroke and published by ORIENTE Musik
Recorded by Dariusz Grela at NLD Studio, Cracow, June 2001 (track 2 & 9);
July/August 2002 (track 1, 2, & 4); November/December 2002 (track 3 & 5-10)
Mixed and mastered by Dariusz Grela at NLD Studio, Cracow, January 2003

Tomasz Kukurba: viola; violin; voice; wind instruments; whistling; piano; percussion; mouth percussion
Jerzy Bawol: accordion
Tomasz Lato: double bass
Guest musicians:
Jacek Królik: guitar solo (1)
Slawomir Berny: percussion (1, 3)
String orchestra arrangements by Dariusz Grela
All strings played by Tomasz Kukurba (vln, vl) & Tomasz Lato (db)

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