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The seven album itch - what's valid for married life, isn't necessarily valid for music. Kroke didn't get lost in the dark grounds of a midlife crisis, and their seventh album is more than an itch of desire.

The dynamic range of this recording hasn't been diminuished by data compression. This decision is more than a technical detail - it's a reference to the basic understanding of KROKE's music: virtuosity and passion, pleasure and deep emotion. Therefore KROKE consider themselves as Klezmorim, although their music has developed from what is regarded as traditional Klezmer music. The direction of this movement is decisive, and this direction is forward. Avant-Garde.

Seventh Trip is an album that may not open up at first hearing. So play it twice, and play it loud.


1. Awakening (Kukurba) 4:00
2. Papillon (Bawol) 5:08
3. Canon (trad.) 5:24
4. Eddie (Kukurba) 5:02
5. River of Shadows (Bawol/Kukurba/Lato/Grela) 8:12
6. Dance of the Snowflake (Kukurba) 5:54
7. Journey (Bawol/Kukurba/Lato/Grela) 6:14
8. Io (Bawol/Kukurba) 3:17
9. Tomorrow for a While (Lato) 6:11
10. Seventh Trip (Kukurba) 8:20

Total Time: 58:08

Tomasz Kukurba:
viola; electric viola; violin; flute; voice; whistling; percussion (1; 3; 4; 6; 7; 8; 10); mouth percussion (2; 5) and all other instruments
Jerzy Bawol:
Tomassz Lato:
double bass; electric double bass

Guest musicians:
Tomasz Grochot:
drums (5; 7; 9); percussion (3; 4; 7; 9)
Dariusz Grela
- more than one hundred ideas

Strings arrangement by Dariusz Grela (5; 9)
Strings played by Tomasz Kukurba - vln; vl (5; 9) & Tomasz Lato - db (9)

Produced by Kroke & Dariusz Grela
All tracks arranged by Kroke & Dariusz Grela and published by

Recorded and mixed by Dariusz Grela at NLD Studio, Cracow, 2006/2007


Release date: March 10th, 2007

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