The two KROKE concerts at Radio Kraków Studio on October 9th and 10th, 2003, have been something special.

They were concerts of a group that after years of intensive touring all over Europe felt obliged to thank their friends in their home town for their long-time support. And there were so many friends to thank that it turned out to be two concerts.
And at the same time it was an opportunity to introduce percussionist Tomasz Grochot. Kroke extended their Live sound with his brilliant rhythm work since 2003, and one can hear him also on the CD East meets East, recorded by Kroke and Nigel Kennedy.


1. SUN (Kukurba) 8:33
2. VOICE (Kukurba) 3:13
3. CHILDHOOD (Bawol) 4:34
4. RYTHM (Kukurba/Grochot) 3:49
5. USUAL HAPPINESS (Kukurba) 6:27
6. LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS - (T4·2) (Kukurba/Bawol/Lato/Grela) 6:32
7. TIME (Lato/Kukurba) 4:52
8. WAVES (Kukurba/Bawol/Lato) 16:34
9. AJDE JANO (trad./Kukurba) 6:30
10. CAVE (Kukurba/Bawol/Lato/Grela) 7:22
Total Time: 71:54



Recorded live October 2003 in Kraków
All tracks arranged by Kroke & Tomasz Grochot
except tracks 3; 5; 6; 10: arranged by Kroke & Dariusz Grela & Tomasz Grochot
All tracks published by ORIENTE Musik
Recorded live by Dariusz Grela at Radio Kraków Studio S-5; October 9th and 10th, 2003
Mixed by Dariusz Grela at NLD Studio, Kraków, January 2004

Tomasz Kukurba: Viola; Vocals; Flute; Darabuka (4)
Jerzy Bawol: Accordion
Tomasz Lato: Double Bass
Tomasz Grochot: Drums; Percussion; Water (8)
Release date: 1. 9. 2004


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