Kroke: Out of SightRIENCD74

Eminently charming and playful appear Kroke's new compositions, recorded with the original Trio setup. Back to the roots? Certainly, in a way. The waiver of the drums means a reinforcement of viola, accordion and bass. Coming to the fore (again), equally entitled and responsible for both melody and rhythm.

OUT OF SIGHT points out familiar and surprisingly new facets of Kroke 's musical universe, from Kukurba's oriental-influenced vocal improvisations ("Mecalakuku") to the frisky "Life As It Is" and the frivolous allure of "A Luftmentsch".
Kroke's creative power, joining their tradions and their very own view on "Life as it is", is still going strong - and exploring.


1. Medinet (Tomasz Lato) 5:25
2. Janitsa (Tomasz Kukurba) 5:31
3. Moondowner (Dariusz Grela) 3:47
4. Life as it is (for Lena) (Jerzy Bawol) 3:43
5. Fields of Sorrow (Tomasz Kukurba) 7:21
6. A Luftmentsch (Tomasz Kukurba) 6:50
7. Mecalakuku (Tomasz Kukurba) 6:14
8. Beyond Words (Tomasz Lato) 5:26
9. Desire (Jerzy Bawol/Tomasz Kukurba) 3:27
10. Madrugada (Tomasz Lato/Dariusz Grela) 6:05

total time 54:15

Tomasz Kukurba: viola, voice, flute, whistling, percussion; violin on track 2
Jerzy Bawol:
Tomasz Lato:
double bass

Produced by Kroke & Dariusz Grela
All tracks arranged by Kroke & Dariusz Grela and published by ORIENTE Musik
Recorded and mixed by Dariusz Grela at NLD Studio, Kraków - 2008/2009

© ORIENTE Musik 2009

Release date: October 1, 2009

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