Old Time Klezmer from East Europe

This recording developed over a period of several years, during which we have continued scrambling around east Europe looking for contexts and traces of Jewish music, a good half century after the Holocaust nearly destroyed Europe's Jewish population and culture. The key word here is nearly. ...

There are still Jewish communities in east Europe, and in the memories of this aging population lives a sense of Jewish culture - Yiddishkeit - that developed strongly local expressions of faith and music. Furthermore, the memory of Jewish culture is often maintained by non-Jews, those who choose to cherish the legacy of neighbors lost but never forgotten. From the peasant who tends the forgotten Jewish cemetery to the aged Gypsy fiddlers who play for an audience of Jewish ghosts, Yiddishkeit lives on in the lives of those whom it touched.


1. Drey Dreydele 3:29
2. Meron Tune (Shaffer's Nign) 2:48
Hasidic Tunes from Maramures:
3. Oyvey Rebbenyu 2:32
4. 999/Yom ha-Shabbes 3:33
5. Spoken introduction by Betty Tzarevkan Cohen 0:45
6. Platch Evrei 4:02
7. Goldenshteyn's Bulgar 2:31
8. Jidancutsa and Zsidó Tánc 2:43
9. A Mazeldiker Yid (A Lucky Jew) 2:15
10. S'iz Shoyn Farfaln / Grichisher Tantz 3:03
11. Wedding Processional from Ieud 3:22
12. Goldblatt's Freylakhs 2:21
13. Yearning Tune 3:34
14. Borey Olam (vocal version) 1:10
15. Borey Olam be-Kinyan 2:30
16. Jewish Hora / Buhusher Chusid 4:24
17. The Bosnian Nign (a cappella version by Cili Svarts) 0:35
18. The Bosnian Nign 3:17
19. L'Chaim Jó Testvérek 2:33
20. Bride's Dance from Ieud 2:19
Total Time 53:59



Di Naye Kapelye
Bob Cohen: violin, mandolin, koboz, cümbüs, gadulka, vocals
Christina Crowder: accordion, vocals
Jack "Yankl" Falk: clarinet, vocals
Gyula Kozma: bass, cello
Ferenc Pribojszki: cimbalom, drum
with special guests from Muzsikás
Mihály Sipos: violin (tracks 11, 15, 19, 20)
Péter Éri: three string 'kontra' viola (tracks 3, 4, 11, 15, 19, 20), drum (track 2)
Recorded at Podium Studios, Budapest, August 2001.
Sound engineer and mixing: Csaba Sándor.
Mastering: Tibor Rostás
Produced by Di Naye Kapelye with Mihály Sipos.
Dedicated to the memory of Itsik and Cili Svarts.


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