Even if Tango was born in Argentina, Yiddish is its second language. We prove, once again.
Considering the surprising success of “Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts” (Oriente RIENCD59), our first attempt to fill in the blank of Tango sung in Yiddish, it was a logical consequence (and a pleasure, too) to ask Karsten Troyke for another volume of the “Tango oyf Yiddish” series.

Again, Troyke and his musicians deliver “smooth renditions of lovesongs despite betrayal and as a remedy for sadness. Accordion, violin, clarinet and double bass sweep aloft the melodies.” (Hadassah Magazine) “There’s a history of Tango in Jewish theatre and art songs, and that’s apparent in the perfect fit of lyrics and slinky melodies. Troyke himself is an adept Yiddish singer. It’s not a pretty voice, by any means, but roughly expressive and very masculine – lived in. It’s not an album for scholars, by any means; in fact, it’s perfectly possible that the backing trio of accordion, violin and bass might well have you moving around the room with their easy virtuosity. These people are commited to their art form (Troyke is one of the leading contemporary Yiddish singers).” (Sing Out, from a review of “Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts”)

1. Glik (Max Perlman) 3:47
2. Ikh Hob Tsayt (Benzion Witler) 3:28
3. Ikh Hob Dich Tsifil Lib (Alexander Olshanetzky/Cham Towber) 4:09

4. Kine Tango (Raksat Al Ghere) (Assi & Mansour Rahbani) 3:00
5. Mayn Khaver (Habibi) (Egan/Shmuel Fisher/Karsten Troyke) 4:07
6. Ahava (Max Perlman) 2:41
7. Vus Geven Iz Geshen (Max Perlman) 3:13
8. Vi Nemt Men A Bissele Mazel (Benzion Witler/Leo Fuld) 5:08
9. Shayn Vi Di Levune (Yoseph Rumshinsky/Cham Towber) 4:00
10. Ven Ich Zol Dich Farlirn (Max Kletter) 3:20
11. Alts Tsilib Parnusse (Max Perlman) 3:29
12. Hoicher Tants (Raksat Samia) (Assi & Mansour Rahbani) 3:57
13. Alts Gayt Avek Mit'n Royech (Benzion Witler) 3:49
14. Groisse Oygn (Trad./Moshe Sachar/Karsten Troyke) 3:57


Total playing time: 52:05


Karsten Troyke: vocals
Trio SCHO: Gennadi Dessiatnik: violin, vocals (8,9), guitar/ Valeri Khoryshman: acordeon / Valery Pysarenko: double bass
Jan Hermerschmidt: clarinets

Gastmusiker: Claudia Koch: vocals (10)

Produced by Karsten Troyke
Recorded, mixed and mastered June/July/August 2012
at Studio Zauberton by Jens-Peter Kruse & Bertolt Fenko

Release Date: November 1st, 2012

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