Muhittin Kemal Temel, distinguished composer and qanun virtuoso, was trained in classical Turkish music. Later, he expanded his musical horizons by working with legends of the world music scene such as Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma.

Both can likewise be heard on the album "Emotions", as well as collaborations with the (German/) Turkish musicians Murat Aydemir, Yurdal Tokcan and Mehmet Yalgin. Together they created a dense fusion of modal music from the eastern Mediterranean, sometimes contemplative, sometimes lively, and always of great emotional depth.

1. Özlemek (Missing) 3:32
2. Damla (Tears) 5:13
3. Eleni 7:32
4. Emotions 9:49
5. Gül Pazari 3:02
6. Voice 1:13
7. Hasret (Desire) 4:44
8. Deli Yüregim (Wild Heart) 2:05

Total Time: 38:30



Kanun: Muhittin Kemal Temel

Tanbur (2, 5): Murat Aydemir
Ud (3, 7, 8): Yurdal Tokcan
Lyra (4): Kelly Thoma
Tarhu (4): Ross Daly
Kemençe (5, 7): Cengiz Onural
Kemençe (6): Mehmet Yalgin

All tracks written by Muhittin Kemal Temel, published by ORIENTE Musik.

Recorded at Aria, Gottschall
Mixing: Cengiz Onural
Mastering: Bora Ebeoglu

Release date: November 6th, 2015