KROKE have not to re-invent theirselves, but they define their music with every new album in a different way. What remains invariable is their basic understanding of music: virtuosity and passion, pleasure and deep emotion. 

What changes: Without losing track of its roots their music continously develops from what is regarded as traditional Klezmer music. The direction of this movement is decisive, and this direction is forward. Avant-garde. Klezmer-avant-garde, if you will.

1. Bright Clouds (Lato) 4:30
2. Psalmia (Bawoł/Kukurba/Lato/Grela/Jopek) 4:25
3. Valse Defoy (Kukurba) 4:37
4. Joy as it is (Bawoł) 4:54
5. Passacaglia for 3 (Bawoł/Kukurba/Lato/Grela) 6:50
6. Once upon a time (Kukurba/Lato) 5:34
7. Mirrors (Bawoł/Kukurba) 7:02
8. Frogs (Bawoł/Kukurba/Lato/Grela) 4:04
9. Free Falling (Kukurba) 5:30



Tomasz Kukurba – viola, vocals, flutes, darbuka, cajón, percussion, violin, balalaika

Jerzy Bawol – accordion

Tomasz Lato – double bass


Special guests:

Anna Maria Jopek – vocal (2)

Slawek Berny – percussion (2; 5; 7; 8), drums (9), udu drum (1)


All tracks published by Oriente Musik.


Produced by Kroke & Dariusz Grela.

Arrangements by Kroke & Dariusz Grela.

Recorded by Dariusz Grela at NLD Studio, Cracow (2014).

Mixed & Mastered by Dariusz Grela


Release date: November 6th, 2015