Sanda Weigl, born and raised in Rumania, by now living in New York, made her mark with unique interpretations of Rumaneian Folk and Gypsy songs, hovering between tradition, jazz and improvisation, being by turn enigmatic, sad, merry or wistful. Sanda’s unmistakably powerful voice is her trademark and resonates throughout every one of the melodies on this album.

Her new sound here is less folkloric than minimal and transparent. The songs on this new album hail mostly from the urban gypsy music. They are love and drinking songs, doinas, horas, all full of beautiful metaphors.


1. INTR-O ZI LA POARTA MEA (trad) 04:07


2. UN TIGAN AVEA O CASA (trad) 05:08

3. AS OFTA SA-MI IASA FOCUL (trad) 03:06


4. SARAIMAN (trad) 03:59

5. ADU CALU’ SA MA DUC (trad) 05:11

6. ANII MEI SI TINERETEA (trad) 04:59


7. JANDARMUL (trad) 05:30

8. NU EXISTA-N LUMEA ASTA (trad) 04:10

9. TODEREL (trad) 03:02

10. DANS (Takeishi/Weigl) 00:33

11. ALOMALO (trad) 04:17




Sanda Weigl – vocal

Shoko Nagai – piano, accordion, farfisa

Stomu Takeishi – electric bass

Satoshi Takeishi – percussion

Special guests:

Douglas Wieselman – guitar, clarinet

Ben Stapp - tuba

Arrangements – Anthony Coleman, Shoko Nagai, Satoshi Takeishi

Recorded in Brooklyn, New York 2010

© ORIENTE Musik 2012

Release date March 15, 2012