I think that this kind of a CD would not come into being with my participation if I did not happen to have a home and a sort of childhood which still occupies my memory.

The post-war period might have been for consciousness of a small child as good as any other but for those, who already had their "first youth" far behind, that time appeared to be dull and of low optimism and hope. And such an atmosphere might have been for adults a good base for frequent recollecting. Especially ladies in those circumstances wanted and needed to remember and to recollect that "enchanted between-wars period", the time of their youth. Absolutely different than the moment they unexpectedly had to encounter - years of fifties. And I, a several years old boy, wanted and was able to be their listener. Memories which were revealed, were accompanied again and again by hummed melodies - wistful romances, melodious waltzes and mawkish tangos, decidedly different than programme music flowing from the socialistic radio. They were the framing for spinning out the tales which always started with a phrase "before the war !". Every now and then somebody reached out for a record which - under an iron needle of a turn-table - sounded peculiarly. I think that it was then, when I heard the word "tango" for the first time. And that was the childish world of my fairy tales and time of the first contact with a "spinning black disc" - an old gramophone record.


Jerzy Placzkiewicz

1. Adam Aston: Tango dla Ciebie (This Tango Is For You) 3:17
2. Mieczyslaw Fogg: Zagrajcie mi (Play For Me, Boys) 3:15
3. Chór Dana: Stara melodia (An Old Melody) 2:56
4. Hanka Ordonówna & Chór Dana: Mily (Darling) 2:56
5. Stefan Nowita: Ja znam Cie tyle lat (I've Known You For So Many Years) 2:51
6. Chór Juranda: Noc ksiezycowa (Moonlight Night) 3:16
7. Adam Aston: Tamara 3:10
8. Chór Eryana: Serce matki (Mother's Heart) 2:45
9. Tadeusz Faliszewski: Za jedno male slówko (Just For This One Little Word) 2:58
10. Kazimierz Krukowski: Najpiekniejsza signorina (The Most Beautiful Signorina) 3:04
11. Adam Aston: Hispano-Juif - Nie igraj seniorito (Don't Play With Fire, Señorita) 2:52
12. Adam Aston: Znam Cie ze snów (I've Met You In My Dreams) 3:06
13. Jerzy Czaplicki: Tango brazylijskie (Brasilian Tango) 2:38
14. Mieczyslaw Fogg: Meksykanskie tango (Mexican Tango) 2:57
15. Janusz Poplawski: Mala Wloszka z Milano (A Little Italian Lady From Milano) 3:21
16. Janusz Poplawski: Granada spi (Granada Is Asleep) 3:03
17. Chór Dana: Bez sladu (Without a Trace) 2:40
18. Wiera Gran: Gdy odejdziesz (When You've Gone Away) 3:39
19. Mieczyslaw Fogg: Zludzenie (Illusion) 3:16
20. Albert Harris: Gdy radio w pokoiku gra (When Radio Plays In a Little Room) 3:11
21. Stefan Nowita: Zegnaj (Farewell) 3:14
22. Willi Kollo: Oh, Donna Clara (Tango Milonga) 3:06

Total Time: 68:44


Compiled and edited by Jerzy Placzkiewicz
Mastered and restored at Misiak Mastering, Hamburg, by Torsten Lenk
Executive producers: Gigi Backes & Till Schumann
Booklet in English/Polish/German/French
Release date: 07/01/2005

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