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HOT, FIERY and PASSIONATE - Klezmer Alliance finally on CD!

Klezmer Alliance stands for dance grooves that make your feet tingling just as for inventive and gorgeous Yiddish songs that gladden your heart, performed by a passionate and experienced ensemble.

HOT is the voice of Klezmer Alliance: the intense and charismatic singer Efim Chorny from Kishinev, Moldova, whose presence on stage and spontaneous humour are legendary. Chorny’s original compositions are fresh but also lend themselves convincingly to the klezmer traditions of several generations past.

HOT and FIERY is the band, reflecting the diversity of the European Klezmer scene. Chorny and his pianist Susan Ghergus, Bernd Spehl, Thomas Fritze, Andreas Schmitges and Guy Schalom work successfully as a team creating new sound dimensions for Yiddish music.
HOT, FIERY and PASSIONATE is the music of Klezmer Alliance, intoxicating and soul-stirring. And, if nothing else, it will tickle your bones.


1. A gutn ovnt (Efim Chorny) 01:14
2. Moldovan Sirbas (Trad. / arr. Klezmer Alliance) 01:38
3. Dos bisele shpayz (Efim Chorny/Meir Harats) 04:23
4. Tsigele-Migele (Chorny/Harats) 03:15
5. Doyne (Zelik Barditshever / arr. K.A.) 04:40
6. Sara Mandrika (Trad./Chorny / arr. K.A.) 04:14
7. Chassidic Suite, part 1 (Trad./Chorny / arr. K.A.) 06:22
8. Chassidic Suite, part 2 (Trad. / arr. K.A.) 04:10
9. Mir Basaraber (Chorny/Harats) 04:29
10. S’iz fintster in gas (Chorny/Harats) 02:24
11. Homentashn (Trad./M.Pirozhnikov / arr. K.A.) 04:44
12. Guy goes meshugge (Trad. / arr. K.A.) 10:07
13. Dute, Dute, Dorule / Bade, Ciobanas La Oi (Trad. / arr. K.A.) 07:29
14. Monarkhishe Idilie (Chorny/Harats) 03:37
15. Haynt Iz Purim Brider (A.Goldfaden/M.Rivesman / arr. K.A.) 06:37
16. Vus iz a doyne? (Klezmer Alliance/Chorny) 04:41
17. A gute nakht (Efim Chorny) 01:26

Total Time: 75:55

The Klezmer Alliance are:
Efim Chorny: Vocals
Thomas Fritze:
Double bass
Susan Ghergus:
Guy Schalom:
Drums, Storytelling
Andreas Schmitges:
Guitar, mandolin, vocals
Bernd Spehl:
Bb & C clarinets, flutes, vocals

Produced by Guy Schalom & Andreas Schmitges

Release date: 20th of October, 2007

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