A Detroit area native, Daniel Kahn attended the University of Michigan where he studied acting, directing, playwriting and poetry. After finishing his studies he lived, played music, recorded, acted, directed plays and composed theatre music in New Orleans, Detroit, New York and Ann Arbor.

In summer 2005 Daniel moved to Berlin, and, within a very short space of time, became an integral part of the city's folk and klezmer scene, playing in different groups and musical projects. As a corollary, he soon formed his own band, featuring a rotating roster of some of Berlin and New Yorks best young Klezmer and Balkan players.
"The Painted Bird" concocts a mixture of Klezmer, radical Yiddish song, political cabaret and punk folk, kept together by Kahn's amazing abilities both as a songwriter and a performer; telling stories of outrageous incidents, poetically dark, tragically humorous and politically incorrect.

"Dan Kahn is the hottest damn songwriter you've never heard of. Kahn is not only an amazing multi-instrumentalist/playwright/poet, he also typifies the youthful ethos that reminds us that music without heart is just a bunch of noise." Metro Times, Detroit
Politics you can dance to!
(Ken Roseman, SING OUT)



1.Yosl Ber / A Patriot (Itsik Manger/Daniel Kahn/David Beigelman/Henekh Kon) - 03:16


2. Parasites (Daniel Kahn) - 06:15

3. Borsht Revisited (trad./Daniel Kahn/Vanya Zhuk) - 04:26

4. Rats (Daniel Kahn) - 04:28

5. Rosen Auf Den Weg Gestreut / Embrace The Fascists (Kurt Tucholsky/Hanns Eisler/Daniel Kahn) - 03:54


6. Six Million Germans / Nakam (Daniel Kahn) - 05:13

7. A Rothschild In Your House (trad./ Daniel Kahn /Psoy Korolenko) - 02:40

8. Vampirn (trad./ Daniel Kahn /Psoy Korolenko) - 02:17

9. Dumai / "Think" (trad./Daniel Kahn) - 04:36


10. Khurbn Katrina (trad./J.Rayzner/Daniel Kahn/Fabian Schnedler/Marcus Mueller) - 02:35

11. The Destruction of New Orleans (trad./Daniel Kahn) - 04:40

12. Mayn Rue Plats / Where I rest (Morris Rosenfeld/Daniel Kahn) - 04:06


Total Time: 48:26


The Painted Bird

Daniel Kahn: vocal, accordion, piano, ukulele, mouthorgan

Michael Tuttle: bass, vocal

Hampus Melin: drums, percussion, vocal

Michael Winograd: clarinet

Bert Hildebrandt: bassclarinet

Dan Blacksberg: trombone

Vanya Zhuk: e-guitars, vocal

Johannes Paul Gräßer: violin


Special guests:
Frank London: trumpet on track 1, 6 + 11
Paul Brody: trumpet on track 2 + 5
Psoy Korolenko: vocals on track 7, 8 + 9
Geoff Berner: back vocals on track 2

Produced by Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

Horn arrangements: Michael Winograd

Recorded & edited by Jens Tröndle, fünfton Studios, Berlin/DE
Guitar overdubs by Misha Nikolayev, Free Tube Studios, St. Petersburg/RU
Mixing & horn overdubs by Jason LaFarge, Seizures Palace, Brooklyn/NY
Mastered by Jim Diamond, Ghetto Recorders, Detroit/MI, & Karsten Fenko, Berlin/DE
Release date March 6, 2009

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