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Čači Vorba (pronounced Chachee Vorba) - "true speech" - is a term used by gypsies from the Romanian/Hungarian/Serbian borderland to describe music, as they believe that music is the most honest, true language. Čači Vorba is the name of a Polish-Ukrainian band specialising in the impulsive mixture of Gypsy, Carpathian and Balkan music.

Čači Vorba musically traverses all over the Old Continent and arranges its sound-mosaic in their own way, right from the beginning, transforming traditional melodies of Roma, Hungarians, Slavs, Greeks and Middle East while preserving their passion and dance dynamics. The group serves a virtuoso fusion of ethnic music, Roma swing, Romanian blues, Hutsul wedding dances and Mediterranean timbre, performed on traditional instruments such as Hungarian bracsa, Turkish kemence, Greek bouzouki, Romanian cobza or Middle-Eastern darabuka and dombek - doing without electronic support.

Band's soloist Maria Natanson, uprising star of Polish folk music scene, and her bandmates create a new, border-crossing, original musical language; a musical dialect that gets the heart of all that's common - happiness, passion, longing, sadness - simply the "true speech".


1. Doar o mama (Rumänien) 04:30

2. Batuta (Moldawien) 02:56

3. Bešena Rovena (Albanische Roma / Bulgarien) 05:11


4. Armenaki (Griechenland - Ägäische Inseln) 04:26

5. Geamparele (Rumänien) 02:29

6. Šune Caje (Bulgarische Roma) 03:41

7. Joc'n'Roll (Rumänien / Polnische Roma) 03:49

8. Doina (Rumänien) 03:58

9. Ke somas me (Rumänien / Rumänische Roma) 04:18

10. Bulgareasca (Bulgarien / Rumänien / Serbien / Griechenland / Türkei) 05:45

11. Frunzulita (Rumänien / Serbien) 04:10


Bonustracks live:

12. Iese-n codrii firul ierbii (Rumänien) 03:33

13. Pe ulita armeneasca (Rumänien) 05:00


total time: 53:46

All Tracks traditional, arranged by Piotr Majczyna and published by ORIENTE Musik
Produced by Piotr Majczyna & Čači Vorba


Čači Vorba:
Maria Natanson - lead vocal, violin, bracsa;
Joanna Ulatowska - violin, bracsa, vocal;
Bartłomiej Stańczyk - accordion, vocal;
Piotr Majczyna - mandola, bouzouki, cobza, guitar, vocal;
Robert Brzozowski - double bass, vocal;
Lyumobyr Ishchuk - darabuka, dombek, tapan, darajun, jew's harp,vocal
Pawel Sójka - accordion (track 12 + 13)

Recorded in November 2007 in «Rogalów Analogowy» studio (www.obuh.com) by Wojcek Czern, mastered by Piotr Nykiel
Live tracks recorded 27.03.2009 in Lublin at Polish Radio Lublin Concert Studio (Studio Muzyczne Polskiego Radia Lublin); production: T.Bidiuk, T.Klos

© ORIENTE Musik 2009

release date July 15, 2010

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